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Otto Dix - 'Octagon'

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Awaiting the tour, OTTO DIX released the single "Octagon". 
Electronic edition includes a rock version of the song, fully played and recorded with "live" instruments. 
Composer: Sergey ‘M. Slip’ Slobodchikov 
Vocals, lyrics: Michael Draw 
Guitar: Igor ‘Sydius’ Pokatilov 
Drums: Pavel Krasnitsky 

Also as a pleasant addition there you may listen to four remixes, not only from Russian, but also from foreign young musicians: 
• Fedor Arkhangelsky - a St. Petersburg musician, composer and sound designer, originally from the city of Tula. The founder of the solo music project ARKHANGELSKY. 
• Mikhail Intero - a St. Petersburg musician who plays blues, art-rock and industrial styles, author of projects NATTRAMNAR SKAL'D and HEART OF CORPSE 
• Luis Mirko NNekted is a musician from Argentina, playing techno and industrial styles. Projects: ANGELUS MYSTERIA, BLOODCONNEKTION, as well as the founder of Nukleo Industrial Radio 
• NOIRE ANTIDOTE is a post-industrial project from the Netherlands, which was influenced mainly by the Witch House style. The debut album "I Know Where the Wolf Sleeps" was released by the French label ‘Audiotrauma’. The project plays concerts in Europe, Russia and in the USA



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