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DreamVeil. Technology Dreams. 2010

DreamVeil. 'Technology Dreams'

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DreamVeil. Technology Dreams. 2010

The album of Russian synth rock band DreamVeil with new sound and additional bonus tracks.

'Technology Dreams' is a look into the past, in order to analyze the present and the opportunity to present our lamentable future. 21st century a futuristic future. Technological advances and the new model of the social system. In this system, you're just a plaything in the hands of the modern corporation. The bulk of the people are in a dream. On which side are you? Welcome to the 'Technology of Dreams'!


01. Intro
02. Technology Dreams
03. Evacuation Souls
04. Silence Of The Angel
05. In The Rhythm Of The Fallen Moon
06. Decline Of Civilization (New Version)
07. City Of Metal
08. Tanatofobiya
09. Angels (Cover Version)
10. Illusionary Dream
11. Children Of Modern Corporations
12. Outro
13. Technology Dreams (Remix by PRAY Project)
14. Thanatophobia (Cover Mix by Fatal Aim)
15. Technology Dreams (Systemshock Kickin’ Hard mix)
16. Thanatophobia (SKD Back To The 80st Mix)



Pavel Yaroshik - Vocals, lyrics
Ruslan Tebenkov - Guitars, music
Alexander Korchagin - Keyboards
Stanislav Gulya- Keyboards, music

Format: mp3



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