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DreamVeil. The Reanimated Love. 2008

DreamVeil. 'The Reanimated Love'

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DreamVeil. The Reanimated Love. 2008

The debut album of Russian synth rock band DreamVeil is a heavy leap year. The thin line between life and death has already been passed, and the front is not visible saving lighthouse whose light would have gave up hope. Just chill of loneliness, only barbed cesspool of darkness. And Gloom with the inherent perfidy jealous destroys bridges, drowning in a pool of hopelessness. He found a new victim. But even the impenetrable darkness scatters the ashes from a small spark. And that's about the omnipotence of the inner fire of romance singing band DreamVeil. Tandem hardness and sensuality has become a hallmark of the collective. Eternal confrontation of Life and Death, Truth and Falsehood has acquired a new look in the song 'The Reanimated Love'.

Album soaked in blood and pain, but each line, each chord - is retaliation against injustice, protest is not a broken heart. Even death has no power, if tortured heart is still throbbing love. Let sometimes trembling like a death throes, let every breath painful, there will always be power to rise from the ashes. After all, true love is worth fighting.


01. The Flesh Of The Flesh
02. Star
03. Crow
04. Oblivion Thoughts
05. The Reanimated Love
06. In Everlasting Memory
07. Just One Toy Death
08. Steps To Perfection
09. Decline Of Civilization



Pavel Yaroshik - Vocals, lyrics
Ruslan Tebenkov - Guitars, music
Alexander Korchagin - Keyboards
Stanislav Gulya- Keyboards, music

Format: mp3



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