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ATTRITION. The Jeopardy Maze. 1999

ATTRITION. 'The Jeopardy Maze'

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ATTRITION. The Jeopardy Maze. 1999

A violin caustically weaves it's way amongst a collection of analogue synths and organic beats on Attrition's best offering to date, an album as musically stylish as it's artwork suggests. 'The Jeopardy Maze' is an almost perfect example of darkwave-ambient, a subtle and sinister tapestry of electro and classical elements with the occasional female gothic vocal progression strung across the top. This remastered edition includes an unreleased bonus track "Infant Joy".


01. A Virtual Angel
02. Atomizer (Custom Mother)
03. Waste Not, Want...More
04. I Am A Theif
05. Dream Time Collector
06. A Virtual Reprise
07. The Thin Veil
08. A Few Of My Favourite Things
09. The Illuminator
10. Have A Nice Time...
11. God Save The Queen
12. Infant Joy



Martin Bowes - Music , lyrics

Format: mp3



Dark Media Group



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