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ATTRITION. This Death House. 1982

ATTRITION. 'This Death House'

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ATTRITION. This Death House. 1982

Two long pieces of unsettling analog electronic soundscapes.

"Crawling" - a windswept island of desolation currents, creating a picture of creeping, infinite coldness. Full of trickling instruments pressing downward upon a frozen keyboard. It's deepness is only interrupted by the computer-like jabbering of the machine it serves.

"Dead Of Night" - the same arctic framework with the addition of a lone keyboard figure and a rushing of air, sometimes it bubbles, sometimes it festers like an open, untreated wound. these cold winds will seep through the marrow of your bones and chill you.


01. Crawling
02. Dead Of Night



Martin Bowes - Music , lyrics

Format: mp3



Dark Media Group



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