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ATTRITION. The Hand That Feeds. The Remixes. 2000

ATTRITION. 'The Hand That Feeds. The Remixes'

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ATTRITION. The Hand That Feeds. The Remixes. 2000

The remix collection with a bonus track and remastered by Martin Bowes at The Cage. 'The Hand That Feeds' is a monumental release; it takes a brilliant band and augments or highlights their strengths and artistically smoothes the rough spots, allowing Attrition’s true capabilities to ultimately shine through.


01. I Am A Theif (intro) (Dance Or Die Remix)
02. Cold Genius (Polaxe Remix)
03. Waste Not, Want...More (D.O.S. Remix)
04. Cosmetic Citizen (Stromkern Remix)
05. Lip Sync (IT Remix)
06. I Am (eternity) (Chris N Cosey Remix)
07. White Men Talk (Morbus Kitahara Remix)
08. The Mercy Machine (ATTRITION Remix)
09. My Friend Is Golden (Regenerator Remix)
10. Acid Tongue (New Mind Remix)
11. The Second Hand (Mark Crumby Remix)
12. I.A.E (In The Nursery Remix)
13. Ephemeral (The Truth Remix)
bonus track:
14. One Of These Mornings (Flip Shriner Remix)



Martin Bowes - Music , lyrics

Format: mp3



Dark Media Group



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