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ATTRITION. The Attrition Of Reason. 1984

ATTRITION. 'The Attrition Of Reason'

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ATTRITION. The Attrition Of Reason. 1984

The debut album from 1984, remastered with bonus tracks from the 'Voice Oof God' EP. Mesmerizing sequences and cymbal flurries provide a sub-mantric tapestry for Martin's growling, almost menacing voice, and for Chryss' high echoed vocals that float across the surface of the music like the white lady floating across the misty lake of the sub-conscious.


01. Day I Was Born
02. The Redoubt Of Light
03. You Will Remember Nothing
04. Take A Walk
05. Beast Of Burden (Take A Walk)
06. Behind Innocence, Lies
07. The Decline
08. Prayer For The Head
bonus tracks:
09. The Next Day
10. The Outer Edge
11. Across The Divide
12. Reflections



Martin Bowes - Music , lyrics

Format: mp3



Dark Media Group



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