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ATTRITION. Smiling, At The Hypogonder Club. 1985

ATTRITION. 'Smiling, At The Hypogonder Club'

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ATTRITION. Smiling, At The Hypogonder Club. 1985

Remastered with bonus tracks including the 'Shrinkwrap' single. ATTRITION were years ahead of their time as innovators of dark, stylised pop/experimental music, and their second album - 1985's 'Smiling, At The Hypogonder Club' demonstrates with wonderful glee why their fanbase has continued to grow since the band’s inception and doesn’t look like peaking anytime soon.


01. Look Out! Hedonist
02. The Game Is Up
03. Feel The Backlash
04. Mind Drop
05. Pendulum Turns
06. Fusillade (Part 1)
07. Fusillade (Part 2)
08. Hallucinator
09. My Eyes
10. Fate Is Smiling
onus tracks:
11. Shrinkwrap
12. Fusilllade (Part 3)



Martin Bowes - Music , lyrics

Format: mp3



Dark Media Group



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