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ATTRITION. Dante's Kitchen. 2004

ATTRITION. 'Dante's Kitchen'

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ATTRITION. Dante's Kitchen. 2004

Album of British darkwave band ATTRITION. Their 2004 album where electro meets classical, and where once again, these UK pioneers reinvent themselves and go new ways in exploring their musical realm. Includes the beaututiful and haunting "Two Gods" and the epic "Dreamcatcher plus 4 additional bonus tracks. 'Dante's Kitchen' is a dark masterpiece of music and imagination.


01. Andante
02. Dante's Kitchen
03. The Head Of Gabriel
04. Two Gods
05. The Ladder
06. Dreamcatcher
07. Feed The Crow
08. The Long Hall
09. Crash
10. Still Life
11. The Head Of Gabriel (Insomniac Mix)
12. The Head Of Gabriel (Saturated Mix)
13. The Head Of Gabriel (Autocrat Mix)
14. Dante's Kitchen (Re-assembled Mix)



Martin Bowes - Music , lyrics

Format: mp3



Dark Media Group



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