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ATTRITION. The Hidden Agenda. 1993

ATTRITION. 'The Hidden Agenda'

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ATTRITION. The Hidden Agenda. 1993

Album of British darkwave band ATTRITION. Remastered version and includes "Mercy Machine", "The Cage" and 3 tracks from the "Lip Sync" maxi. Here ATTRITION truly establish their presense. Martin Bowes' voice swoops, growls and soars above relentless aching rythmns, synthesisers and hard edged electronics, as well as guitars and drums, and contrasts with the females voices of Julia which echo and seduce in the mix.


01. Lip Sync (Xenophobia Edit)
02. Agenda Station
03. The Deadline
04. This Great Design
05. Sister Teresa
06. The Silent Mind
07. The Cage
08. The Mercy Machine
09. The Next Day (Re-visited)
10. His Latest Flame
11. Lip Sync (Reprise)
12. The Third House
13. A Wing And A Prayer



Martin Bowes - Music , lyrics

Format: mp3



Dark Media Group



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