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ATTRITION. 3 Arms & A Dead Cert. 1996

ATTRITION. '3 Arms & A Dead Cert'

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ATTRITION. 3 Arms & A Dead Cert. 1996

Album of British cold wave band ATTRITION is perhaps the definitive darkwave release. Not the first, nor the most popular, but the most perfect example of the genre. The classical atmospheres, the gothic moodiness, and of course the electronics, condensed from the high energy aggression of EBM into something subtle and simmering with tension.


01. Tune In
02. White Men Talk
03. Cosmetic Citizen
04. Acid Tongue
05. Slice Of Life
06. One Of These Mornings...
07. The Second Hand
08. Demi-God
09. Predicament?
10. Red Eye
11. Three Arms And A Dead Cert
12. Prelude



Martin Bowes - Music , lyrics

Format: mp3



Dark Media Group



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