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Otto Dix. Mortem. 2012

Otto Dix. 'Mortem'

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Otto Dix. Mortem. 2012

One of the biggest dark wave bands of Russia, Otto Dix is ready with its new album ‘Mortem’ after a few months of the work hard on it. 13 songs telling the story of life and death.

Otto Dix is a darkwave group with EBM and industrial tunes. Michael Draw calls their style "electronic avante-garde". The songs' themes centre around postapocalyptic scenes, psychology, morals and BDSM. The group uses strident, hysterical melodies in their music, sounding in minor tonalities. Some melodies are similar to dark ambient. Every song has a tiny solo performance and original image which is made by music, lyrics, Draw’s movements and unusual vocal abilities.


01. Ave
02. Mortem
03. V Gore I Radosti
04. 1453
05. Karfagen
06. Krov Moya
07. Kto Kak Bog
08. Ogon nebesniy
09. Strana Tumanov
10. Ya Hochu
11. Guttapercheviy Malchik
12. Proshloe
13. Paslednaya Pangeya


Otto Dix:

Michael Draw - Vocals, lyrics
Marie Slip - Keyboards, music
Petr Voronov - Violin, music

Format: mp3



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