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ATTRITION. Keepsakes And Reflections. 2001

ATTRITION. 'Keepsakes And Reflections'

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ATTRITION. Keepsakes And Reflections. 2001

From dark electro to classical orchestral sounds to ethereal ambient and experimental industrial. Tracks from the 90's culled from various compilations and B-sides. Includes the covers of John Foxx's "Underpass", The Dead Kennedy's "Kill The Poor", Ministry's "Cannibal Song", 2 bonus tracks and more.


01. Kill The Poor (Dr. Speedlove Dub)
02. Thin Red Line (Pankow Remix)
03. Underpass (click, Click, Drone...)
04. Scenario II
05. Memory, Uncaring Friend
06. Kharb
07. Cannibal Song
08. Keepsakes And Reflections
09. Metamorphosis
10. High Tide
11. Thin Red Line (Instrumental Mix)
12. Red Letter
13. L'echange
14. Nine Tails, To Follow You Round
15. The Cage (Refrain)



Martin Bowes - Music , lyrics

Format: mp3



Dark Media Group



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